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Nigerian to finally solve power crisis

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Nigeria looks set to finally solve its seemingly chronic power crisis

Abuja- The nation power crisis keeps getting worse every day with April, 30, 2016 recording one of the worst blackouts.

This happened at midday shortly after Babatunde Fashola the minister of works, power, and housing assured Nigerians that the 10000 megawatts of electricity generation target set by the federal government would be attained by 2020.

The nation has been experiencing constant reduction in power supply through the national grid with generation standing at 2243.20 megawatts (MW). The nation recently got to ground zero with all discos receiving zero megawatts allocation from the system operator.

The main causes of the system collapse has not yet been established because efforts to reach the Transmission company of Nigeria proved to no avail.
Fashola reaffirmed his statement that the government is committed to attaining the 10000 megawatts by 2020 which president Buhari had declared at the opening of the National councils economic retreat, that 2000mw would be added to the National grid this year and in the next three years, the nation will be generating about 10000mw distributable power.

This was during the signing of an agreement between geometric power, Aba, and Enugu electricity generation company in Abuja where the two parties agreed on peaceful resolutions of the protracted legal tussle. Geometric Power Aba was granted 20 year lease to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity in the Aba and Ariaria business districts of Enugu network.
The minister further noted that the deal would cost government over $500million.

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