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The Rotten Sports Sector Need Cleansing - Gara Gombe

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President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to beam his searchlight on the sports sector, which has been held down by corruption by former Gombe state football association chairman,Ahmed Gara Gombe.
Gombe said that Nigerian sports have become an avenue for people to enrich themselves.
"We need the type of restructuring going on in the oil industry in our sports.
"The National Sports Commission (NSC) is rotten and u til the cankerworms in that body is removed, the constant complaints of lack of funds will not cease." he said.
The Nigeria Football Federation(NFF)has made the country the laughing stock in the international community, adding that the body is behaving as if there was no government in Nigeria according to Gara.
"Before you hear anything about Nigerian football, people living in London have already known about it."
He gave an example on how the appointment of the new coach who is Nigerian and whose job will be done in Nigeria but they went to London to negotiate the contract and even had it posted on Facebook from London.
"The Nike deal was negotiated and signed in London when the super Eagles are resident in Nigeria. And I want to ask,did they follow due process while getting the kit sponsor? Everybody is behaving as if Nike is doing Nigeria a favour even when there is no financial benefit from the deal."he said.
He is also against the agreement to host the Sierra Leone African nations cup qualifier against cote d'Ivoire in Nigeria because the decision has put the lives of Nigerians in danger.
"A Nigerian Dr.Stella Adadevoh,fought with her life to save the country from the Ebola scourge by ensuring that Patrick Sawyer,a Liberian, who had the ailment,did not spread it in the country.
"Here we are barely a year after endorsing Sierra Leone, a country that cannot host any game due to Ebola scourge to bring their games to Nigeria. This NFF wants to kill all of us," he said.
Things would continue to go wrong in the NFF until the board members allow the technocrats to run the federation,according to Gara.
He spoke about how the board members are supposed to be policy makers and advisors and not full time workers of the NFF. He feels they don't allow those employed to do the job to run the federation because most of them see the federation as an easy avenue to make money.
He therefore urges Buhari to cleanse the 'rotten' sports sector.

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