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Boko Haram Strikes Borno Again! Gets Farm Supplies!

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Boko Haram Strikes Borno again.

On Monday a village in restive northeast Nigeria's borno state near the border with Niger was raided by Boko Harram extremists,killing seven people, community leaders reported to AFP.
A number of gunmen attacked Awonori,a farming and herding village near the fishing town of Damask, and carted away food supplies and live stock,reported the leaders.
"They killed seven people, looted grains and took away all the livestocks in the village before fleeing into the bush,"Muhammadu Monu Wan-Wan,head of the damasak Fishermen's union,told AFP.
"The gunmen who came in vans and on motorcycles around 7:00am besieged the village and opened fire on residents, as they were having breakfast before moving to their farms,"he said.
The villagers were forced to flee by the attack and later retained after the assailants had left.
This was confirmed by Abubakar Gamandi,who is the head of Borno's Fishermen's union.
He reported that last month too,people of damasak and surrounding villages fled their homes and crossed the border into the Niger town of Diffa due to fearing Boko Harram attacks.
"People have no food to feed their families that is why they take the risk of going back to their villages to work on their farms now that the rainy season has started,"he said.
Boko Harram has killed over 15,000 people since 2009.
An 8,700 regional strong force aimed at ending the insurgency is due to deploy within days.
At least extra10,000 police officers will be employed and an establishment of a properly trained and equipped federal anti-terrorism multi-agency task force to crush the rebellion will be done, said President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday to a national security gathering in Abuja.
It is generally believed that Boko Harram needs to be stopped as soon as possible to prevent many innocent lives getting lost.

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