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Akure Doctor Killed And Burnt By Assassins

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Dr. David Akintayo Oguntuase, Head of Paediatrics at the Federal Medical Center in Owo, was found dead in his clinic in Akure, Ondo state, after it was razed down by fire on the eve of Christmas.

While the police in Ondo are still examining the different theories to unravelling the cause of the fire, the deceased’s family has concluded that the medical practitioner was killed by assassins and burnt to give a semblance of a fire accident.

The older brother of the deceased, Ben Oguntuase, in a statement said, a thorough examination of the debris of the hospital and the site of the incident revealed trails left behind by the murderers and how they accomplished the evil act.

Explaining the premise on which his theory was based, Oguntuase said the walls of the clinic were stained with blood showing that his brother was attacked and dragged to the place where he was eventually burnt.

According to Ben Oguntuase, "They shot him in the main clinic area and carried his body to the room in the back area where they left him face down. Not done, they severed his hands and legs before proceeding to douse the body with petrol. The rest of the building on the inside was sprinkled with petrol before it was all set ablaze". He also added that the walls of the fence showed marks of the feet of the assailants as they climbed to escape through the fence, and that the keg with which they brought petrol was left behind at their exit point.

Oguntuase said that the family called on the police to investigate the incident, and that there was enough evidence to assist in the investigation.

The Police Public Relations officer in Ondo State, Mr. Wole Ogodo said that once they get the necessary information, it will be acted upon.

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