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I Asked For Divorce - Ini Edo

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Recently, rumors were spread that Nollywood actress had been divorced from her husband Philip Ehiagwina, and that the bride price had been refunded to the groom.

The news was initially received with mixed feelongs and some people, mostly fans could not believe it.

Sources, believed to be very close to the couple, said the break up was due to allegations of cheating and distrust between Ini and Philip. They also accused the groom's family of aiding the dissolution of the marriage because the actress did not give birth to a child.

Many people, especially Ini's fans, did not believe it until Ini herself confirmed the divorce.

In a message posted on her Twitter page on Thursday, the actress did not only confirm the story that the marriage had crashed, but went on to refute a rumour that she cheated on her former husband.

She tweeted:

"There is a conscious and malicious attempt to tarnish my image. I asked for a divorce from my ex-husband because of lots of irreconcilable differences. I never cheated on him".

It is not known if Ini's tweet has silenced some of her critics who have blamed her for the breakup.

The couple got together in November 2008 in an elaborate ceremony that was held in Houston, Texas in the United States, and the erstwhile love birds would have celebrated the sixth anniversary of their marriage next month.

Reportedly, the actress has removed traces of her married status from her social media accounts.

Ini's biodata on instagram now bears the word 'actress' without 'wife'. Sources note that while she has reverted to her maiden name and dropped her ex husband's surname. She was also spotted in a few public appearances without her wedding ring.

The divorce, which has been trending on social media, since it is received with shock and disbelief for obvious reasons.

Ini Edo is one of the most popular actresses in Nollywood, with over 50 appearances in movies to her credit and a large fan base. At the outset of her marriage, the famous actress enjoyed a lot of goodwill, especially from those who had been anxious to see her get married. None of the people expected that their icon's marriage would end up this way crashing in less than eight years.

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