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Meet The World's Deadliest Woman

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Meet the world's deadliest and most dangerous woman, Claudia Ochoa, who is also called the Kim Kardashian of Mexican organised crime.

Claudia Ochoa is known for her curvy figure, her pouting selfies and tweets but also for allegedly heading the world's most ruthless gang of killers.

The first time you meet Claudia Ochoa Felix, you would erroneously believe that she is another celebrity; she is beautiful and plays with fashion too.

As a young mum with glamorous looks, curvaceous figure and bee-sting pout, the similarities with TV star Kim Kardashian are there for all to see.

She lives a millionaire's life and has a lot of heavily armed bodyguards who are not worried about crazy fans but assassins who may want to take away her life.

Claudia has reportedly become the head of the world's most ruthless hit squad Los Antrax, responsible for hundreds of bloody murders as the deadly Sinaola drug cartel's elite contract killer squad.

The Mexican gang is known to U.S. intelligence as "the world's most powerful drug trafficking organisation" , its hitmen feared as the planet's deadliest.

In recent years, they were linked to three frozen bodies hung from a bridge, eight people shot playing volley ball and a gun battle with rivals which left 30 dead.

However, after Los Antrax boss Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa - known as El Chino - was arrested, his Twitter-loving girlfriend Claudia is said to have been installed as the new chief. Until then, she had always loved posting on social media pages, pictures of herself in stilettos, caressing her custom-made pink AK- 47 automatic rifle, reclining among masked men and propping a deadly M16 assault rifle on her curvaceous hip.

Her portrayal of a life of narcotics and narcissism undercut her emphatic denial that she is La Emperatriz de Los Antrax - The Empress of Los Antrax.

Known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, the mother of three gained notoriety after it was wrongly reported that she had been tortured and assassinated. The victim was infact Yurina Castillo Torres, a former girlfriend of Gamboa who looked remarkably like Claudia.Despite her insistence that she is just a devoted mum, Claudia wasted no time in capitalizing on the mistake by raising her notoriety through her internet sites with numerous incriminating pictures.

As news emerged of Claudia's rise to power, she immediately deleted as much evidence as she could which linked her to Los Antrax. She instead created a Facebook page adding that she had done so to "clarify all your doubts so as to answer your questions... the only thing I ask is you to be respectful!" she wrote.

Gone were the pictures she had reveled in and in their place appeared photos of a loving mother devoted to her two young sons and her "princesita" daughter.

Images of her past however remain across the internet. Pictures showing her AK-47 on the red leather seats of a BMW Series 3, the skull symbol of Los Antrax painted in black on the ammunition clip and another one of her young sons lying on a bed covered in some bundles of cash. She can be seen posing with members of a folk band which composed a ballad to Los Antrax. In one phot, the 27 year old is even seen holding a grenade launcher while warning; "Watch your step, friend!"

Claudia is also seen countless times in images posted by young members of the Sinaola. One intelligence source said: 

"Felix claims she is just a regular mum but how many mothers have custom-made guns?

She has access to astronomical wealth but has never worked a day nor come from a family with money. None of her former boyfriends have money either".

The father of Claudia's children is reported to be feared cartel lieutenant El Chavo Felix. However they split and Claudia moved on to another gang member Dorian Trinidad Leon Angulo. He died in a car crash - shortly after escaping jail - in 2011 while Claudia sat by his side.

She then found love again inside the cartel, becoming involved with El Chino who, according to reports, she went on to marry. El Chino was reportedly the gang's top enforcer.

Like Claudia, El Chino loved social media and often posted pictures of his ill-gotten sports cars, yachts and guns. Away from the internet, he was busy ensuring Sinaola cartel remained the most powerful gang in the world. Wanting to maintain his power base, El Chino apparently ensured that his wife became his successor. Claudia who strenuously denies taking up his reins has become a target for rivals. Recently, gunmen grabbed Castillo Torres as she left a gym believing her to be Claudia. She was tortured, hanged and her body dumped behind a school.

News of Claudia's alleged "appointment" led to a frenzy of activity on her media sites. She soon accumulated more than 100,000 followers.

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