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World's Sexiest Criminal

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A 21 year old woman has been labelled the world's sexiest criminal.

The Canadian woman, identified as Stephanie Beaudoin charged with 114 counts of burglary, was labelled the "world's sexiest criminal" after bikini-clad photos purportedly of the suspect circulated on social media.

Stephanie Beaudoin is accused of orchestrating 42 break-ins with her teenage accomplices as well as stealing nine firearms. She became known as the "world's sexiest criminal" after photos of her circulated online.

Stephanie Beaudoin is being described as the "perfect woman", despite the fact that she was arrested last month in connection with the break-ins of 42 homes.

A photo of her in her bikini is shared repeatedly on Instagram and Twitter ever since it was published by the Montreal Journal.

It follows a similar incident where American prisoner Jeremy Meeks was labelled a "hot felon" after his mugshot went viral.

Similarly, Beaudoin is now taking the internet by storm , with Twitter users writing comments such as : "Stephanie can steal my heart any day...".

A Facebook page describing her as a "News Personality" appears to have been set up by fans and already has more than 2,000 likes.

A fan on Twitter said: "When the robber looks that hot, I am sure most won't mind being robbed".

People have also made other comments such as 'sexy', 'break into my house anytime', and 'gorgeous angel'.

The nursing student has been charged over 100 times on counts including theft, owning an illegal cache of nine firearms and receiving stolen property.

Beaudoin of Canada, is now facing jail over claims she worked with three underage accomplishes - aged 13, 15, and 17 - to burgle residences in the Athabaska and Maple areas.

They allegedly broke into the homes using the back door or basement windows.

She is due back in court on 7 November 2014.

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