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Man And Woman With Disabilities Wed In Lagos

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Two physically challenged trainees of the Lagos State Vocational Rehabilitation Center were joined in holy matrimony last week. The bride has a low IQ and cannot write her name, while the groom, has speech impairment with extremely low intelligence quotient.

It was a memorable day for 20 year old Simiat Abiola and 42 year old Dare Akinyemi. 

The principal of the center, Mrs Folusho Adeolu, while speaking at the ceremony expressed her joy and wished the couple well. She said the center had been in existence since 1997 for children with special needs.

"The bride and groom are not like other children. Simiat I was told, was fostered at Idi-Araba by a woman who later died before she was brought here. She went through school up to JSS (Junior Secondary School) but cannot write her name because of her condition", Mrs. Folusho said.

"One of our ex-trainees took interest in her. He also has speech impairment. We did all the proper wedding for them, from traditional wedding to church wedding. A Baptist pastor came here to wed them", she explained.

The principal mentioned that due to their condition, the couple would be living together but close to the house of the groom's sister.

 "They will be living together, but close to the house of his sister. The groom learnt shoe making from our center, so he is going to fend for his wife", she said.

She also mentioned that the next stage is restoring the couple to the society, so that they could adapt to a new life of marriage and family.

The wedding ceremony was well attended by officials of the Lagos Office of Youth and Social Development, as well as other people who came to witness the couple who were joined by a Baptist pastor.

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