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Open Letter To Decontee Sawyer, Wife of Late Patrick Sawyer

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Dear Decontee,

The Nigerian Community writes you this letter in response to your Facebook post concerning your husband's 'innocent' intentions - which was devilish, inconsiderate, and wicked, to say the least. This is because none of the theories you have brought forward vindicates your husband from the fact that flying to Nigeria was an intentional act in order to infect Africa's most populated country with the Ebola Virus Disease.

We have for a long while considered not pointing accusing fingers but Your silence, blunt refusal to sincerely apologize to Nigerians and take reconciliatory steps have forced us to call a spade what it is, a spade. We have not forgotten, neither will we soon.

Firstly, the Nigerian Health care system is NOT the best in Africa, let alone the whole world. You and your husband are citizens of the United States of America, and yet, instead of going to the US for the 'help' he needed, he chose to come to Nigeria, a country where the politicians and high-class of the society fly abroad for treatment, leaving the rest of the masses with the not-so-fantastic but 'affordable' Nigerian health care. Furthermore, if your husband follows the news, especially that of Nigeria, he would have known that, at the time he decided to fly to Nigeria, most public hospitals, including teaching hospitals were on strike, one of the major reasons being that the health workers complained about the poor medical equipment with which they treated patients. If your husband had known this, which I suspect he did, he would not have made the useless assumption that Nigeria's health system was better than that of the United States of which you both are citizens like you are insinuating.

It was reported that Patrick Sawyer deceived and manipulated the Liberian government and the Economic Community of West African States, to enable him travel to Nigeria. Sebastian Muah, who until recently was the Liberian Deputy Minister of Finance for Fiscal Affairs, said in a mail he sent to Premium Times that your husband deceived the Liberian government into believing that he was 'Ebola Free'. And after denying any contact with his younger sister who died of the Ebola virus, and alleging that he voluntarily gave himself for testing, he was cleared by the Liberian government who knew that he was to be placed under quarantine and/or observation. According to the results from investigations which Sebastian Muah conducted, Sawyer was on a devilish mission and was out to deceive from the start. He had series of secret conversations with ECOWAS and convinced them to purchase his flight ticket, and only told them he lost his sister, not saying what she died of.

There have been unconfirmed rumours that Patrick Sawyer‘s late sister was engaged to be married to a Nigerian who fled Liberia after hearing that she was infected with the Ebola virus which left Patrick with no choice than to cater for his sister. Hence it was a retaliatory or do I say vendetta mission that he came for when he arrived Nigeria. I have also read that he urinated on the nurses who cared for him; yelling in anger when he was told that he had EVD.

Our late young hero Justina Obi Ejelonu who was a Nurse at the time gave an eye witness account of how irrationally your husband behaved while on admission in a Lagos hospital, yanking off his IV infusion and squirting blood on the nurses and janitors. Justina was equally smart and had as much bright dreams as any serious young brilliant nurse. Your husband put an end to these.

If indeed he needed 'help', he would have admitted he had the virus early enough and requested to be flown to the U.S, being a citizen, for proper/better health care.

The recently released CCTV footage of the airport in Monrovia the day he boarded a flight to Nigeria showed your husband avoiding contact with other people as he sat separately and all by himself and apart from other passengers. He was also of a sad countenance, and was reported to have even been lying on the floor in pains in a corridor of the airport at a point. He also refused contact with an unsuspecting airport official. Despite the fact that he exhibited these strange behaviors, Patrick was still allowed to board a flight to Nigeria.

Why did Patrick Sawyer not inform the authorities and health workers of his predicament immediately he landed in Nigeria, in order to aid his treatment and prevent spread of the disease? If  "Patrick had a passion for life...", it is the life of his family and fellow Liberians, but not the life of the people of Nigeria. There are eye witness accounts of how he behaved like a mad man, urinating and vomiting on the health workers, and even yanking off his IV infusion and squirting blood on everyone around. He even tried to escape from the hospital and insisted on leaving in order to attend the ECOWAS conference in Calabar. It was the heroic actions of Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh who virtually physically restricted him that saved many Nigerians from what could have been a disastrous spread of the virus and hence spread of death. Do you think that people such as Dr. Adadevoh, Nurse Ejelonu and the other victims of your husband's devilishness did not have a passion for life? Since you know your husband so well and much more than any other person, why did you not go to the hospital to take care of him yourself? Naturally one would have expected you to be the first to contact it. Was it a miracle/an act of God that you don't have Ebola or was it simply the scripts of a voluntary well thought-out plan connived by you and your late husband? I would go for the second, so will many Nigerians.

Your husband's actions have caused serious havoc in the country of Nigeria and cost us the lives of heroes such as Adadevoh. The incursion of the disease into Nigeria via Patrick Sawyer has brought in its wake several implications to the Nigerian state. These are social, economic, and religious among others. The primary and secondary contacts to your husband have either lost their lives, or lost their jobs and social freedom, and their activities, plans and goals delayed and thwarted. Calculating how much revenue sectors such as aviation, trade, agriculture, hospitality and tourism contribute to the Gross Domestic Product, it is reported that Nigeria has lost about 2 billion dollars. Also, Nigerians all over the world suffer social discrimination in the sense that, once a Nigerian anywhere in the world coughs or has a flu, he or she is isolated and quarantined for a period of about 21 days.

Despite the fact that the country of Nigeria has been able to contain the virus, and only one case is left, the fear of the outbreak still exists in the nation. A case was reported in Port Harcourt recently. 

It is understandable that your letter was one of empathy for a loved one, but that does not take out the fact that most of it was senseless. Decontee Sawyer, you owe a big apology to the Nation of Nigeria, as well as the families that have lost their loved ones as a result of your husband's selfish actions. You also owe an apology to the president of your country, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for your derogatory statements. I suggest your apology be backed up by significant charity donations and community service that will add positive value to Nigerians to equate the negative influence you and your husband have brought. May the souls of those lost rest in peace and may God give their friends and families the fortitude to bear the loss.

Not Yours, Sincerely,
The Nigerian Community.

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