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Nigerians Mourn Ameyo Adadevoh

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The Late Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, the Senior consultant/physician and Endocrinologist at First Consultant Hospital in Lagos, who led Sawyer's medical team is mourned by Nigerians, and commended for her brave actions which are seen to have saved the lives of many Nigerians.

It was noted that Adadevoh 'sacrificed' her life to curb the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by restraining Patrick Sawyer to his bed. Reportedly, Patrick Sawyer, the American-Liberian who is known to have imported the Ebola virus into Nigeria from Liberia, tried to escape the hospital when it was confirmed that he was EVD-positive. It was also reported that the 58 year old consultant physically restrained him and refused to discharge him.

Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu commended her efforts thus:

"Regrettably, she lost her life to the Ebola virus. Of course, she contracted the disease from the Liberian-American who exported the disease to Nigeria in the course of treating that patient".

"Indeed she had to physically restrain this infected person from escaping from the hospital when the latter attempted to do so, having been communicated that he was Ebola-positive".

"Indeed, if that index case had escaped the hospital at that stage, it would have spelt disaster for Nigeria as many more persons would have been very difficult to track; and would have become primary contacts".

"There is no doubt that Dr. Adadevoh was not only a dedicated, committed and competent doctor, but she showed rare courage, rare sense of duty, service and patriotism to her country".

Dr. Jide Idris, the Lagos State commissioner for health also praised Dr. Adadevoh for her dedication to service, noting that, "It was gathered that Sawyer insisted on being discharged from the hospital, apparently to attend the ECOWAS meeting in Calabar, Cross River State, but Adadevoh, widely described as affectionate, insisted he stayed. She immediately contacted Lagos State Ministry of Health which took over the case. Had Adadevoh discharged Sawyer according to his wish, he would certainly have infected more Nigerians at the Calabar meeting, if he had managed to make it to the venue".

"He could have infected more people at the airport, on his local flight, in the hotel, and at the meeting. This could have led to an unimaginable spread of the disease".

It was reported that Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh succumbed to the disease Tuesday evening.

She was said to have fallen into a coma on Monday, and despite the efforts of the medical team to save her, she could not survive the scourge of the disease.

The death of the brave doctor brings the total number of deaths in Nigeria from the Ebola virus to five.

The Federal Government of Nigeria have been able to contain the spread of the Ebola virus to a large extent. however, the other affected West African countries, especially Liberia and Sierra Leone, are still battling the spread of the deadly disease among their population.

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