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Cure For Ebola In T.B. Joshua's Anointed Water?

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Founder and overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), T.B. Joshua recently made the announcement that 4,000 bottles of his 'Anointing Water' had reached Sierra Leone and were received by government officials, to 'spiritually fortify the country in the fight against the deadly disease, Ebola.


According to him, a private jet was chartered to the tune of $50,000 to convey the spiritual items to the Ebola-stricken nation. He also added that an additional $50,000 was also given in humanitarian aid to the victims of the disease, courtesy of Joshua and his 'Emmanuel TV Partners'.

The famous Nigerian pastor said that the special bottles of 'Anointing Water' had been specially blessed at his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria, to heal Ebola patients in countries where the hemorrhagic fever is wreaking havoc on innocent citizens. He recently told his congregation that he is willing to personally take the bottles of anointing water to the governments of Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone - where the disease has killed at least 932 people- according to the World Health Organisation, towards fighting it.

The prophet said that he specially reserved the special anointing water for the Ebola epidemic because he had a vision earlier in the year that the world would be ravaged by a deadly virus.

"At the beginning of this year, we said that there will be a deadly disease.... I mentioned it as one of the prophecies... When this anointing water came, I told you I could not allow it anywhere because I was foreseeing what was coming...". He said.

Before ministering to foreign visitors at his 'Prayer Line' service, Pastor Joshua then gave a stern warning to Nigeria about the way the Ebola crisis was being handled.

"Ebola is not Nigeria's challenge", he began. "Our challenge is insecurity. It is a strange ailment. That someone from another country came for an ECOWAS meeting and died of Ebola does not mean Nigeria is not safe", he stated, adding that fear-mongering in the media was only making matters worse.

"To the extent we talk bad about Nigeria, to that same extent our name is destroyed", the Pastor defiantly continued, bemoaning the name Nigeria was being given in the international community because of the news projected.

"This is a country under repair because of what Boko Haram has done to the nation. Don't damage it more. This nation is safe. If there is any challenge, we have what it takes to surmount it", he stated, calling on Nigerians to learn from the way Ghana protected the name of their nation.

He added that the fact that two Ebola-caused deaths were recorded in Nigeria, the most populated African country, did not call for a state of emergency as announced by President Goodluck Jonathan. "All of this is propaganda", Pastor Joshua angrily stated.

"When a little thing happens, you exaggerate it because you are looking for funds. How much can the international community give to us that can redeem the name Nigeria we are soiling? A beggar always remains a beggar. Africa, stop begging - you have what it takes to solve your problems".

The prophet lamented concerning the news that some African nations had closed their borders to the countries affected by the Ebola outbreak, stating that it neglected the idea of African unity.

"What is the meaning of African unity?", he asked. "The wound of an African is the wound of all Africans. The wound of one is the wound of all. A nation that stands to solve the problem of other nations will become successful." He added.

"We should rise up and see the wound of others as our wound. Stand up to the occasion and help instead of closing your borders against your African brothers".

T.B. Joshua advises Nigerians to shift their focus from exaggerating and spoiling the name of Nigeria to more profitable actions.

"That does not mean you should use it to destroy the name of Nigeria as if it is here. It's not! Protection and prevention - that should be our assignment in Nigeria"

The prophet concluded that giving citizens proper education about the disease was important but that the spread of the disease should not be maliciously exaggerated.

 There are international efforts to combat the disease, which the WHO has described as the "worst ever" outbreak of its kind.


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