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Article Guidelines

"It is not enough to pen down your thoughts, but it must be done in a manner that creates audience, engages it, and passes across an information, idea or thought process." - Dr. Godwin Ibe

Here at Nigerian community we value writers, authors, editors, and language professionals. Hence we provide a medium to share your thoughts, ideas, and make your voice heard. However we have preferences and guidelines which we follow as well as expect from all our valuable contributors. They are as follows:


1. We expect articles to add value to readers. We do not need articles or news that repeat already publicly well established facts except they add a new twist in the form of a different view, additional comments or information.

2. Articles are divided into three broad categories: News, Articles and Movie Reviews. News reports current happenings, articles express personal opinion, views, information or comparative analysis. Movie Reviews rates Nigerian movies and offers details, expectation, as well as pluses and minuses of the film(s) in focus. You may be asked to focus on any of them at any point in time.

3. Interesting articles are encouraged. Profanity, deceit, insults, nudity, threats and terrorism are strictly forbidden.

4. Title of article must be concise, relate directly with it's content and have a clear meaning. They also should not be too short, not less than 150 words or 750 characters excluding spaces. See already published news articles on our site for examples.

5. Article content should be in a logical order. We generally encourage writers to write on a topic they know well.

6. An article should have an introduction which summarizes its content. This keeps the intended readers reading on and assures them of the need to read further.

7. Plagiarism is frowned at. Cite any sources you have used. Copying and pasting from other articles is strictly forbidden.

8. Articles should contain a photograph, image or drawing related to their content.

9. Articles which expresses personal opinion must clearly be stated and not ambiguous. Personal opinions may not represent the views of Nigerian Community.

10. All articles submitted will go through an internal review. Submission of articles does not guarantee that it will be published. Also articles may go through significant changes before being published. You must be registered on out site at before sending any article.

11. Link article to other articles posted on Nigerian Community ( where possible.

12. Review and proofread your articles to ensure that there are no errors and that it meets our guidelines.

13. It may be a good idea to read other articles on this site before writing yours to get acquainted with how we like articles to be written. However on some special occasions, we may waiver some requirements at our discretion.

14. Originality and type of rights given should be stated otherwise we would not pay for them. By submitting articles to us, you have given us permanent non-exclusive rights to it. However we only pay for permanent exclusive rights to articles that meets our standards and are of interest to us. If you wish to give us such rights, you must state it. In any case, our platform provides publicity to your articles and the author(s) of the article is always recognized except on special occasions such as the request of the author to withhold identity.

15. If you are reporting news, it should be timely and brought in while it is still fresh and relevant.

16. Articles can be submitted through the website or sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You must be registered on our site to submit an article.

We look forward to receiving your articles as well as celebrating with you in the joy, solutions, entertainment or education that your intelligence and wit may bless us with through your write-ups.

Best Regards,
The Nigerian Community Team

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