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Make Fried Rice in Just 5 Steps

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Learn how, in just five steps, you can make a simple, yet sumptuous meal of Nigerian fried rice.

This is especially meant for those who do not think they would have the time, finance, and/or skills to make a seemingly complicated meal as fried rice.

Things Needed:

Raw rice

Veggies (cabbage, carrots, green beans, green pepper, spring onions)

Curry (color spice)


-Boil your rice completely as you would boil your normal white rice, with salt.

-put your vegetable oil in an empty pot on low heat and begin to pour in your chopped veggies, starting from the hardest (carrot), leaving about two minutes interval between each.

-add your spices and the curry (it is important to note that curry is the coloring spice here, so the quantity you add depends on the amount of color you want)

-you can now pour in your white rice, and stir till you are satisfied with the color.

-add a little water and allow it simmer for a little while

Your rice is ready to be served and eaten. You can serve with salad and chicken, liver, or any meat of your choice.

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