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Why I No Go Bone? - A Reason to Smile?

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After a tiring class which lasted three and a half hours, my course mates and i went down to my favorite restaurant behind the university library to have what was going to be my first meal of the day. Hunger was an understatement. i was starving!

We sat in our favorite corner and called out to the server. She came out with an unpleasant look on her face. My friend Juliet said "..madam dis one wey your face dey like dis... smile nau, why you dey bone?" in other words "...madam why don't you put on a smile? why are you frowning?" to which she replied "...why i no go bone..?"

She went further to explain to us why she was frowning. She had gone through a very unpleasant experience the previous day in which she lost a lot of money and she had not gotten over it. At that point, three girls peeped through the window, saw her, and left. I noticed that and asked her how much money she would gain if she continued to allow yesterday's thoughts to rule today's business, and how much she thought she would gain if she decided to set her past aside and forge ahead with the new day. Could it be that she just lost three customers because she forgot to smile?

So many times we have allowed our feelings to have the better part of us and make us forget the most important accessory - The SMILE. There's a saying which goes "you are never fully dressed until you wear a smile". It's amazing how a simple smile can change a situation. There's no human alive, no matter how wealthy without a problem, an unmet need, or a reason not to smile. But do I keep asking the question "...why i no go bone?" like this unhappy seller, and act like I am carrying the world on my shoulders, or ask "...why i no go smile?" and keep meditating on the reasons i have to be thankful and happy. 

One way to do that; try to think and imagine the number of people that would kill to be in your position. Think of those things that you have and take for granted which others beg and wish for, and would cherish like gold if they were to have them. For instance, you complain and frown about having just one or two pairs of shoes meanwhile the guy that has no legs envies you greatly. Smile if you have something to be grateful for. meditate on them daily no matter how few, and keep doing that no matter how bad your day might get. One man's meat is another man's poison. In the same way, one man's bad day is another man's normal day... or even good day. 

The smile is a language that can be used and understood by everyone. The smile has a way of lifting the spirit; both that of the person giving it and the person receiving or seeing it. When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you. this makes me remember that famous song by Louis Armstrong.

When you smile, it makes you happy, whether you were initially happy or not. It also makes others happy. And you can derive happiness just from seeing that you have put a smile on the face of someone else that might be going through a worse situation than you are. What kind of person are you? The "...why i no go bone?" type or the "why i no go smile?" type? Start smiling today and help lift someone's spirit.


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