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People and questions

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People and questions. Will they ever stop?!

When you're single, people ask about girlfriend/boyfriend.

When you have one, they ask ' there any future?'

When you have a fiance, they ask about the wedding.

When you get married, they ask '...when will u have a baby?'

When you already have one, they ask '...when is the little brother or sister

When you get divorced, they ask '...why?'

If you moved on, they ask '...why so quickly?'

It goes on and on...... and on and on.

People will never stop asking...
If you are proud of who you are and you do not care about
what people think about you, LIKE it, because it's
YOUR LIFE and YOU alone should decide how to LIVE!

Questions about your life never stop. Even when you die they will not


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