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As a people still alive and “kicking”, we should count ourselves as lucky especially when we take cognizance of the numerous challenges we face daily.

NEPA an lait! Water an Mai Ruwa! Traffic jam an go slo we tai rapa! etc. Notwithstanding, some of us still marital luck; awa waif no tok se dem bi widow wen wi stil de fo laif, economic luck: wen pesin jos de hama laik wota, political luck; wen pesin sidon dem kol am kom tek pawa, luck of good health; di onli tin wen dem no de bai fo maket. Our respective lucks derive from smol smol luck. These are thedifren difren tins that add up and eventually blossom into the BIG LUCK; which majority eventually know or associate with. For example, if Goodluck Jonathan eventually wins in the South East at the April polls, it will not be out of place to situate the victory against the “smol luck” of the roots of his wife Patience; a woman with some Eastern Konekshon; a luck that’s going well for GEJ. His recent adoption by the All Nigeria Grand Alliance (APGA) as its Presidential Candidate can be traced to this same luck. Today, all the Governors of the Eastern states have openly pledged their support and that of their supporters for the Jonathan/Sambo team. Na di sem konekshon de wok.


By Eastern Konekshon, I mean the advantage that comes with taking a wife from another tribe other than yours in case of future political calculations. For example, there are countless number of successful Military and civilian pipul we don de mek am bikos of wie dem mari dia waif oo hosband from. It is against this background that I am hoping to build my eventual acceptance of wetin mai pipul go se, wen dem se mek a kom join politiks bikos, mai waif na ijoDis ijo konekshon will naturally help in saliently pushing my cause. And before my opponents go sabi wetin de hapun, a don tule. Have you ever imagined how tough it would have been for GEJ/SAMBO if Patience, his wife wasn’t having dis konekshon? Especially now that the North West of Nigeria has been “adjudged” as problematic for him? The talk about GEJ being a candidate of “Nashonal Konsensus” has a lot to do with this same lucky link.

I do appreciate the onerous challenges our dear President GEJ has been facing traversing the landscape of the country; speaking of his intention to transform it into what we the people will be proud of. He has repeatedly flaunted his humble background as part of his sincerity to why Nigerians should give him the benefit of doubt for a genuine transformation of Nigeria; stating that if he can get to where he is today, it could have been any other. That is; it could just be anyone. Here in lies a magic wand majority are yet to fully grapple with. By this encouraging remark, viz a viz my very humble background in No 7 Obahor street in Warri, am considering giving a serious thought to whatever my people would say at the end of the day. However, I won’t fail to tell them in clear terms that I am not going for any position at either the local or state government level. I will politely let them know that I have a salient credential that gives me an added advantage of being a candidate for either the National Assembly or the Presidency; no more no less. I will not mince my words as I tell them that mai politiks mos stat from Abuja bikos mai luck bi laik se i pas GEJ oun.

Having deeply considered the impending pronouncement of my people, I am just waiting for them to call on me bikos wen mai pipul don tok se; when they speak, I will jump at it without the batting of an eye. Like GED, my wife is not from the same place with me. She is an Izon (Ijo) from Delta State; a tribe being erroneously tagged the fourth largest in Nigeria after Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba. In reality, they should be either the first or second in terms of population and none can beat their unique advantage of spread across the “length and breadth of the country.”  Technically speaking, they are everywhere in Nigeria because it has been said and generally acknowledged that eniwie riva de, ijo man de fo dia. And, we have rivers all over the country. From Cross Rivers to Maiduguri, Delta to Kebbi, Rivers to Benue, Niger to Akwa Ibom, Taraba to Imo, Abia to Lagos, Ondo to Kogi, Nasarawa to Kaduna, and Anambra to Sokoto especially around the Rima River area. What a luck? Looks like I have unwittingly let out my future strength to my political opponents. Assuming one of them decides to take a new wife from the ijo tribe preparatory to counter balancing me in 2035 when I presume, by all zoning calculations, it should be the turn of my region to produce the next president.

By 2035, manpikin go don go fa fo ej (age). Will I have the guts to do ol di tins pipul de du fo Pilitiks fo Naija? The chances are very very slim. I don’t even have the luck of a military strength of Nigeria’s former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and others who could stay all night watching the presidential primaries of GEJ until the wee hours of the following day when the winner was announced. Can I sacrifice my night sleep or rest for politikal rons an wahala at an old age? A time when am supposed to be offering advice to younger ones from the comfort of my modest country home? A time when am supposed to be playing and enjoying with my grand children? A time, if health permits, I should be delivering specialized papers on Naija langwej across the globe. If dis last won na politiks, na im bi se a go join. Odawaiz, mai han an mai leg no de fo Naija Politiks fo nau!


Edwin Eriata Oribhabor

Mr. Oribhabor is a Promoter of Naija (aka Nigerian Pidgin) residing in Abuja

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Edwin Eriata Oribhabor

I write the column "Naija Langwej A-Z" in The Market magazine and Leadership newspaper in Abuja-Nigeria. My column promotes Nigerian Pidgin now addressed as Naija.
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