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After writing; “Mai pipul se…” in Naija (aka Nigerian Pidgin), I have never been the same again. My whole thoughts have been dominated by the feelings of the prospect of being urged to come back home soon by mai pipul to join in the on-going political process aimed at securing the “dividends of democracy”; a sing song they hear on national radio and television every day.

As a people deep in the throes of the negative impacts of the lack of good governance since our nation’s political independence in the 60s, their virginity on all fronts speak volumes. Should they eventually arrive at sending me a “call to service”, I will be hard put telling them in strong terms that I am just a Komon Raita without an iota of interest in “joining politics”; that I have no political ambition whatsoever. Would they ever agree with me that politics is a very expensive venture which an odinari man laik mishouldn’t go near? Do they know that it will be fool hardy of me to embark on a journey which am completely alien to? Why should they consider me worthy of rescuing them from the doldrums of political and economic adversities plaguing them for decades? As I struggle to push these thoughts off my subconscious, they kept coming in a deluge. Suddenly, a voice re-echoed to me saying; “Don’t be bothered! You won’t be the first to fall for the cry of his people yearning for good governance.” A “call to service” is a call for a change of the status quo for the better. However, it is not that easy joining the fray of politicians whose common excuse for joining politics was to mention; “Mai pipul se…”, “Mai pipul se…”

Even though a Komon Raita, I shouldn’t accept hook line and sinker whatever my people may say ivun if na fo dream. They had better forget about me because I am ill-prepared for the dangerous enterprise of taking on known old faita dem who are adept at political manipulations in a terrain where money, “Do or die mentality”, “Must deliver your constituency”, “Vote capture”, “Win at all costs” an oda yama yama tins drives the peoples’ instincts to want to “du an ondu.”  How do I fit in here? I don’t see myself going cap in hand sourcing for funds from individuals or financial institutions to kick start a political campaign. This expected call must wait until such a time when I must have considered myself ready; financially, physically and spiritually. I neither have a Pastor nor a native doctor/ogbebunu/jas man at my beck and call for prayers and political forecasting. While I ruminated over these “indices”, I heard another voice saying; “Wai yu de wori yosef?”: Why worry yourself! Wait untill when you are called upon by your people! “Wait fes mek yo pipul kol yu.”

If I have to prepare for tomorrow’s call, it behoves of me to think deep and be forward looking because indications are rife that my people were hell bent on inviting me to come and serve them. Therefore, wen mai pipul se wetin manpikin don olredi nou, wetin man go du?It’s time I began to look at only my strengths with high hopes for tomorrow. I need to be ever optimistic baring whatever weakness that may be present. Evribodi get im taim, an wen yo pipul kol yu, no bodi go fit stop yu. Na yo lok bi dat; whenever you are so called by yo pipul,none can’t stop you. Don’t get me wrong; am not talking about Goodluck; Nigeria’s President. I am talking about the luck of being invited by his/her people to come and serve them. Is luck defined only from the premise of the Goodluck-type of luck that takes you gradually but steadily from the “scratch of the scratch” to the “top of the top?”

Mr. Oribhabor is a Promoter of Naija (aka Nigerian Pidgin) residing in Abuja.

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Edwin Eriata Oribhabor

I write the column "Naija Langwej A-Z" in The Market magazine and Leadership newspaper in Abuja-Nigeria. My column promotes Nigerian Pidgin now addressed as Naija.
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