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Why I Support Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for 2011

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Election time in any nation is a very busy period when many individuals with either good or bad intentions present themselves to serve in various leadership positions. It is much more rowdy in our country Nigeria, as due to failed infrastructural development, the government is the highest employer of labour and Politics is the most lucrative industry. Our system of governance is very expensive leaving most of the country’s money in the hands of the politicians, the electioneering process usually involves a bazaar sale of delegates during party primaries and most times this pricey process is funded by business-minded godfathers; thus it is not surprising to find out that only a few politicians presenting themselves for elective positions have good intentions for our country. Therefore, it is an uphill task for this few politicians to emerge as leaders and when they do happen, it is usually either by sheer providence, justice served by a exceptional team of judges or by the doggedly attitude of a of revolutionary group of people to the fact that their voice cum vote must count. The emergence of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is by sheer providence and the efforts of a group of citizens who insisted that the right thing must prevail.

Voting is a thing of choice, a choice that will define how you will be lead in the coming years and so every good citizen, who desires the best for his country, within the required age of voting, should register to vote and vote one out the many political parties presenting candidates for a particular position irrespective of his view of the totality of the candidates being presented.

If two men who love good oranges MUST pick just the best orange from a basket that is viewed by one as a basket of bad oranges and the other as a basket of good oranges, the man with the idea of a basket of bad oranges must pick the best manageable bad orange from the basket while the other would pick the best good orange.

The choice of a party to vote for is mostly by ones affiliation to the party, the preference of the personality of the party’s candidate or the belief in the ideology of the political Party. In streamlining to a candidate, from the choice of the available candidates, one also has to look out for candidates or political parties that has positioned themselves and have built up a structure that can withstand the demands of a successful outcome in the election to that particular political position. Voting and election is a game of numbers, numbers collated from the various states in the case of Nigerian presidential election and there are few political parties (PDP, AC, APGA, LP) in Nigeria who have a nationwide structure capable of winning a presidential election, thus supporting a candidate outside of these parties in the presidential election would be sheer waste of support. The selfish attitude of the opposition parties towards forming a merger and mega political party is the cause of the one party system that we actually have and its resultant effects. No wonder the PDP primaries is making more waves than the main presidential election. Most of our political parties lack a clear-cut ideology as a result of which I have found it difficult to affiliate myself with any political party; I am then left with the personality of the Candidate being presented by the various parties as my criteria for choice. I view their personality from their past and present track record where they exist and rely on my perception of the validity, practicability and viability of their campaign promises and manifestoes when dealing with newcomers. I support Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, this individual not the party but the party if she adopts the individual, because he is the best orange in the pack, the relatively best candidate amongst the presidential aspirants in the winnable political parties (A Prof. Utomi, with great integrity, managerial skills and a perfect understanding of the problem/ solution of the Nigerian problem, in PDP or AC, would be a strong contender for my support) and with a good track record in the last 6months as the president. Let me outline a few of these achievement which the common man can see and thus have influenced my choice to support him.

  1. Just few months into his 6months tenure, through polices and few changes in the leadership at the NNPC, Nigerians waved a final bye to fuel scarcity and its deleterious effects; the accompanying hike in food prices, transport fare, loss of lives due to improper storage of hoarded petroleum products and the general increase in the cost of living. Past Christmas periods were routinely and worst hit but this Christmas was a better story. My analysis of this act is not just on its positive effect on the masses but on the realization of how far our nation can progress if we elect a leader who can think out and implement policies that will upturn the suffering of the masses.
  2. The improvement in power generation with a viable plan to increase power delivery in the country by this administration in the nearest future, gives hope to the common Nigerian as most of our failures and backwardness can be directly or indirectly linked to the epileptic power supply in this country. The Significance being that the President has a clear understanding and solution to the Nigerian problem and he is committed to solving these problems.
  3. The highest allocation ever, to the educational sector, of almost 1 trillion Naira (933 billion Naira) in the proposed budget for 2011 and the establishment of one new Federal University in each of the six geo-political zones is commendable. The significance of this to me is that, here is a President who understands the importance of education in the development of any nation and has listened to our continuous cry for more allocation to the educational system. It is worthwhile to have an educated president who is in the best state of mind and body to put his acquired knowledge into practice in the governance of the nation.
  4. In the area of security, he has sustained the relative peace in the Niger delta and the oil companies can give testimonies of the surge in oil business in the region and the resultant positive effect in our crude oil-based economy. This administration also put to an end the terrorist actions of kidnappers in the South eastern state of Abia and economic activity is gradually being restored to that area. The Goodluck-led administration appointed a new chief security adviser, and the security agencies later exposed crates of dangerous weapons imported into our country prior to that time. Imagine if these weapons fell into the hands of evil men, I think this is the result of the improved security in the country following the October 1st bombing. Irrespective of the political-related tension in Jos, I have a firm believe that Goodluck will put an end to the crisis, a belief strengthened by the Abia example. We need a president who can ensure the security of lives and properties.
  5. Our aviation sector has been boasted by an additional cum functional International Airport (the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu) and total radar coverage of Nigeria which has earned us international certification which allows direct flight to most cities in the world. This has improved aviation business as four additional airline companies now fly straight to the United States and this portrays more international air transport convenience for the traveling citizens.
  6. On of the most conspicuous failures of our economy is the death of the manufacturing sector, The Jonathan-led administration reopened  three textile mills in Kaduna that had previously been closed including the United Nigeria Textile Mills Ltd through accessing of the 200 billion Naira Textile Industry Bail Out Funds leading to the re engagement of 2000 workers. A president who has realized the need to resurrect this dead but sine qua non sector, has great plans for our country and thus deserves my full support.
  7. In the International arena, we have continued to play excellent leadership role in the African continent. We also overcame the negative diplomatic effect of the Abdulmutallab incident and tactically managed with diplomacy, the consequences of the arms seizure from Iran. Our forces have continued their Peace-keeping missions in the African region.
  8. Our President believes in the rule of Law and didn’t waste time in relieving the former attorney general, an unbeliever of Justice, of this position. Since then, he has tolerated and even congratulated winners in judicial rulings against his party and it has never been heard that he intervened to avert justice. He also believes in human right, no wonder the likes of the 27 soldiers accused of mutiny, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Nasir El Rufai spent this Christmas with their friends and families in Nigeria. There are NO Nigerian political exiles outside Nigeria.
  9. An ethnically liberal Nigerian, President Goodluck Jonathan signed into Law the HYDROTEC bill which has been neglected by past leaders from the benefiting region. This is in line with the spirit of equity and justice so as to compensate our brothers who have been providing the little power we have been enjoying. My interest in the signing of this bill is not for the fact that justice and equity is served, but because it makes me ask this question to our brothers who clamour for zoning, “Would you prefer a man from another zone who will better your life or a man from your zone who would neglect you?” Nigeria needs a Nigerian president that views all regions as his home and all citizens as his children, Jonathan is the Nigerian and I will support and vote for him.
  10. Past leadership failures can be attributed to a large disconnect between the leader and the led. The president has since assumption of office, being able to communicate with the ordinary citizen through his social site (Facebook) page. We can air our opinions, make our collective requests, encourages him while understanding the challenges he faces as the number one citizen and he in turn responds to our demand. An example is the lifting of the ban on the Super Eagles and the various Causes against the then INEC chairman, Maurice Iwu. Apart from the interaction between the leader and followers, his involvement in the social site shows his Love for the youths and it has in turn endowed the youths to him. As a youth, why will I abandon the President that cares?

Having listed all these reasons, suffice me to say that the President I support is not a saint as he has not performed as expected in some area. It is my nature not to expose the inadequacies of my friend prior to consistent refusal upon personal correction, I would leave this factual statement for his critics, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has done this much in the last 6months, he has an election to face in 4months, there are lots of evil people overcrowding the good people in Nigerian political terrain, Leadership requires wisdom and tact; the ability to leave some battles for tomorrow (The Tony Annelih and Adams Oshiomole Example) and he listens and so can easily be corrected. I believe he has good intentions for our country and has the potentials to actualize these plans. All he needs is your support and prayers. He has mine, what about yours?

Ebirim Obinna

National Coordinator

Coalition of Nigerian Students 4 Goodluck/Sambo 2011

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 07035340203

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  • Comment Link Ben Tako %AM, %10 %290 %2011 %05:%Mar posted by Ben Tako

    often times, the leaders we elect into the office of the presidency end up changing; becoming more corrupt that every other Nigerian.

    Goodluck is the figurative head of Nigeria and I bet that there would be pressure on everyside but would he be able to resist the temptation to see that billions of Naira passing through his office; knowing that he can easily divert them and still say no that this is wrong??

    now that is the true mark of leadership.

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